Diverse Bananas, Global Dragons International Conference 2014


Title:Married to the Region - Asian/Australian Marriages 1945-1970
Author:Kathie Blunt
Abstract:The Asia/Australia relationship is primarily considered in terms of economics, trade, regional security and immigration, but rarely in terms of gender dynamics. From colonial times however, gender relations have played a distinct role in the relationship, as one of the most feared, and perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects to capture the Australian national imagination since colonial times has been the question of intermarriage between the people of Asia and Australia.
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Title:SS Ventnor - The Call of The Ancestors
Author:Suzanne Chan On
Abstract:Ching Ming 2013 saw 100+ Chinese travel to the
Far North to pay their respects to the ancestors
whose bones were on the SS Ventnor when it sank in
1902. This year the panel is five new people to our conference. They will give their reactions to this important event. The session ends with a Self Help Guide to the Chinese Historical Ventnor Trail (CHVT)available to all NZers for their own journey with family and friends.
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Title:Entertainment & Property Entrepreneurs
Author:John & Michael Chow
Abstract:Chinese doing business in NZ: John and Michael Chow are entrepreneurs who have overcome enormous odds to become the success they are. It has been a testament to their hard working and efforts that they have moved from family owned Chinese takeaway bar owners to owners of $200m commercial property profile and various business. The transition from small business owners to being a corporate entity and richlisters has taken effort, a clear understanding of where they want to go and the fearlessness to move the goalposts in their favour or find out why not? Overcoming battles with Councils, with people's perceptions and with competitors have honed their desire to succeed, and set a ambition goal by reach $1B commercial commercial property profile by 2020. Learn some of their secrets to success in their presentation from these two remarkable brothers.

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Title:Banana in the Dragon's Den
Author:Melody Guo
Abstract:You might be wondering about how you can learn the Chinese language, how to build a stronger connection with China, and how to get to the country itself?
The short answer is to visit the country, the long answer is that there are no short answers. So I'm here to tell you stories, stories about New Zealanders and their adventures in China, and
hopefully they will help you to find some answers to those questions.
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Title:The Life & Works of A Chinese Maori Sculptor
Author:Dion Hitchens
Abstract:The dichotomy of culture, the good, the bad, and the ugly. A personal conversation through a public art practice.
Please refer to www.dionhitchens.com to view a collection of his sculptures.

CV:In the late 1990's Hitchens art was inspired by the assumptions made to culture, exploring the premise through the juxtaposition of materials, technology and interactive installations. These works are collected by ACAG, Te Papa, and Waikato Museum. In the new millennia Hitchens worked both individually and collaboratively, contributing more than a half dozen Public art works which respond to specific communities in Auckland and Hamilton. He is part of a collaboration www.seekartprojects.com which is focused on the value and role of art in contemporary society. His new work is focused on the dichotomy of the dealer gallery and art as spiritual object.


Title:Becoming A Writer
Author:Renee Liang
Abstract:I am a writer. I always have been. I write poetry, plays, fiction and non-fiction - anything with a story which hooks me. I write a lot about identity, and many of my characters are, like me, Kiwi Chinese. But I've also written about love and heartbreak...I've written angry ranting poems about politicians and internet trolls...I've written about just sitting on a beach and eating pizza. Most of all, I've written about family.
It was my family that made me into a writer. Growing up I had always been 'the writer of the family.' From a young age I was encouraged to write. My writing was praised, and being Chinese I entered competitions - which of course I won. I was something of a performer and my mum enrolled us in speech and drama lessons to combat stage fright (it worked).
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Title:Where's the Yellow Peril - Alive or Dead
Author:James Ng
Abstract:The rise of China as a world power in the past 10 years plus the migration of Chinese into Aotearoa has once again revived the ugly phrase "Yellow Peril" as a description of all Chinese here as part of the country's ethnic mosaic.
We shall also examine the sense of belonging and
cultural identity of the Chinese, and see whether
'Chinese New Zealanders' is a term which will gain
currency like 'Pakeha' and 'Maori'.
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Title:Asianisation of Auckland
Author:Paul Spoonley
Abstract:The 2013 census has shown that about
23% of the Auckland population of 1.42
million are now Asian and expected to grow
significantly over the next seven years.
Already Chinese businesses and services
have started to dominate in certain suburbs.
Will the changing landscape cause a racial
backlash and other problems, or will a
vibrant multi-cultural society become the
accepted norm?
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