Diverse Bananas, Global Dragons International Conference 2014

Chairpersons 2014

Pam Dunn (Diverse Bananas, Global Dragons International Conference (2014))
Session : Bananas in the Dragon's Den - Living & Working in China & Asia

Pam has lived and worked in China three times as a NZ diplomat.  She has served in Beijing twice, most recently as Deputy Head of Mission in the NZ Embassy (2008-12).  She has also been NZ Consul-General in Shanghai.  She is currently based in her home department, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, where she manages aspects of NZ’s relationship with China.  Pam is a Mandarin speaker.  She is a NZ-born Chinese and is a descendant of poll tax payers on both sides of her family.

Meng Foon
Meng Foon (Diverse Bananas, Global Dragons International Conference (2014))
Session : Dragon & Taniwha Relationships

Meng is in his 5th term as Mayor of Gisborne. His governance of his region has been exemplary. Many of the environment projects have been completed and policies have been developed to ensure environmental sustainability. His involvement in sport has seen him on the New Zealand Rugby League Board and Special Olympics Regional Board. Meng's success is due to his close relationship with his community. He is a fluent speaker of Maori, Chinese in two dialects and of course English. He also has a passion for good governance and takes a common sense approach to all policies and projects.


James Liu
James Liu (Diverse Bananas, Global Dragons International Conference (2014))
Session : Asianisation of Auckland

James Hou-fu Liu is Professor of Psychology at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, and Co-Director of its Centre for Applied Cross Cultural Research (http://cacr.victoria.ac.nz).  He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Illinois and worked as an aerospace engineer. He then completed a PhD in social psychology at UCLA, followed by a post-doc at Florida Atlantic University.  He has been teaching at Victoria University of Wellington since 1994.  His research is in cross-cultural political psychology, specializing in narratives and social representations of history, and their relationship to identity, prejudice, and international relations.

Andrew  Young
Andrew  Young (Diverse Bananas, Global Dragons International Conference (2014))
Session : Creative Cool Chinese

Andrew is a management and fundraising consultant currently contracted to Waitemata District Health Board, where he is creating a dynamic and bold new charity. Andrew has been involved in high-level management and philanthropy for almost 15 years, having previously been CEO of the Starship Foundation, one of the country’s highest profile charities. Addicted to fitness, he was also Global Marketing Director for Les Mills International. Andrew started his career in media, after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma in Journalism. A proud NZ-born Chinese, he is the father of three energetic children.